Are jenna marbles and max no sleeves dating

The video shows her attempting to apply false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, lip liner and other cosmetics to her face, and pokes fun at the unpolished make-up often seen on inebriated women.“I’m really proud of the drunk makeup tutorial video because that’s a real life thing,” she wrote recently.

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And who in their right mind would want to miss that? Yes, Marbles huge fan base – to a great extent consists of teenage girls aged 13-17, some boys, curious or fun-loving adults from all over America, and probably the world.

If you take the time to check out her Facebook or Twitter pages, you will see for yourself that the vast majority of the comments are positive, regardless of the age of the writer.

Known as Max Nosleeves to his You Tube subscribers, he produces funny, low-budget videos featuring comedy sketches and blogs.

He first joined You Tube on April 25th, 2012 and quickly became known for never wearing shirts with sleeves, hence his You Tube channel name.

Because as far as You Tube couples go, you don’t get much bigger flameouts. Long, who was kind enough to answer some of my questions, email-style. i just remmeber i woke up one morning and checked my youtube and i saw really angry and offensive comments, and ppl replying to Jenna’s comment saying “lol” and “omfg jenna hahaha”. i am not a creep i am just a boy who likes to sing dance and be cool on youtube.

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