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You may use this as a dating site, or to exchange interracial dating experience, or to learn Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language from our members in the site forum.

Asian and White, Asian and Black, Asian and Middle eastern, Asian and Latin singles or couples who want to date, marry, or make new friends are encouraged to sign up.

I think i've always liked latinas, but never really did when i was in high school and college, but then when i was in the navy...something inside of me just clicked.

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: Phey janice....i'm 100% 34 korean male that is looking to hangout and moving to miami.

i'm not looking for anything serious at the moment because i've been in a relationships and want to take it slow.

its like calling a chinese or a korean person asian or an irish or german person white......i think it's awesome that there are some asian men who love dating latinas ^^ it's about time!

i love being latina & one things for sure i love asian boy's i think they are the most faithful boyfriends Chinese guy that loves latinas also!

You should take the time to learn it, and not just guess how it's pronounced. Call us "mami." There's nothing sexy about having the man you could potentially sleep with call you mom.3. When you date a Latina, you date her entire family. It's like what Maury says: "You are NOT the father," so stop asking her call you dad.7. Oh, it's cute that you think you have a shot in hell at winning. In Latino culture, turning down someone's food is the same as spitting in their face. If you messed up and we get mad, take responsibility.10.