Bf2 stats not updating

I have tried googling my problem but i couldnt find and answers, please not a problem, sometimes the stats displayed at the main menu are wrong, either out of date or they fail to be retrieved at all don't worry about it, just keep playing and keep an eye on what happens while you are in game, the stats will update properly eventuallyif you delete the "bfbc2" folder in "documents" the game will recreate it and fix your unlocks in the main menu.I have tried googling my problem but i couldnt find and answers, please help.

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Ive been playing a server for about 2 hours and ive leveled up a few times, when i disconnected it said "Updating your stats" for a while, but when it was done it said my next rank was 1 and i that i havent unlocked motion sensor, when i join the server again it gives me my proper rank and i have a motion sensor.

A post in the forums suggested to play on ranked servers, but i already am, when i join the server it says "ranked: ON".

My friends play on the same servers with me and have no problems. Anyone else have 0 for stats after playing for a long time? I once played a full day on a ranked server, then lost all but 1 hour of credit and all awards for it.

Try switching servers every now and again, then check your stats.

Lately a lot of points I've earned would be completely excluded from my stats.

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