Bi sexual discreet dating

She said that there was nothing wrong in admitting being bisexual, and it need not change the status of my marriage, because I had already been living with it (and in denial about it) for years (she knew my history of crushing on women).She said she was interested in me becoming more fully myself, and that my crush on her didn't really bother her; she just wanted me to stop trying to 'drop hints' to her about my feelings without actually admitting to them (because she could see right through me).

If you're not interested in saving the marriage, then do what your online friend is suggesting and bail. 2) If you really feel like you're bisexual or gay, have you discussed this with your husband and/or counselor?

(Speaking of, it may be a good idea to seek individual counseling on this..because you're broken, but because you're married to a man.) In my opinion, keeping this a secret is just as damaging to a marriage as a physical affair.

We were intellectually and emotionally compatible, almost eerily so.

My husband often got jealous of the time I spent online talking with her.

We 'flirted' at times, though, to her, it was in a lighthearted, joking way (by contrast, I saved the comments in a Word file to make me feel all warm-and-fuzzy when I needed a 'boost' and to feel good).