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Photo Credit: Cancillería del Ecuador A hundred years ago, it would’ve been ludicrous to suggest that women could vote, hold down a professional career, and wear trousers like a boss.But look what’s happened – nothing short of a sexual revolution, albeit one that isn’t quite sure whether women should make the first move when they meet an amazing guy. We’re caught between modern and classic gender identities, bemoaning the death of chivalry just as we encourage girls to be strong, independent and free of male pandering.Nowadays, women are just as likely to make the first move as men.

It’s hard to know whether he should approach you first, air a chat-up line and offer to pay for drinks; or whether the woman should instigate a connection, deciding what happens from there. Looking for answers, Free And Single managed to catch Kezia Noble, a successful dating expert, for her views on how singletons should approach the dating game: “Women should not make the first move,” she states, “unless they want to make the first move.” This treads the line neatly between what a women of her i.e.

thinking you have to assert yourself every time is a prescription in itself.

What on earth would someone like Angelina Jolie be doing with a whistleblower who spends his days behind a computer screen instead of strutting the red carpet?

Well, hear us out, because she has more in common with Edward Snowden than you might think.

Already there are stories that the two have been spending time together since Brad left the camp.