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Forms tags accessible = "yes|no" action = "form action" archive = "URL" code Base = "URL" format = "HTML|Flash|XML" height = "pixels|percent" id = "HTML id" method = "POST|GET" name = "name" on Error = "Java Script function name or Action Script code" on Load = "load event script" on Reset = "reset event script" on Submit = "Java Script" on Success = "Java Script function name" preloader = "yes|no" preserve Data = "yes|no" script Src = "path" skin = "Flash skin|XSL skin" style = "style specification" timeout = "seconds" width = "pixels|percent" w Mode = "window|transparent|opaque" You can specify this tag's attributes in an attribute Collection attribute whose value is a structure.

Specify the structure name in the attribute Collection attribute and use the tag's attribute names as structure keys.

The form makes the same checks as before, but using this method, it is possible to have different error messages based on the type of error.

If the form is submitted without filling any of the fields in, a page that looks like the screenshot below will appear: If the form is completely filled in, but the fields are invalid, the resulting page will look like this: Although it is possible to customize this error template, you do not have as much control over the look and feel of the page as you would if you wrote the form validation code yourself.

Ajax.submit Form) is there still a way to easily take advantage of the built in cfform validation?