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Below the code is the status bar and its child elements of a Text Block, Progess Bar and button for the cancel.

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Discuss using ASP 3 to work with data in databases, including ASP Database Setup issues from the old P2P forum on this specific subtopic.

When I press an Update button from an ASP page it should update fields in database.

Rates are checked and updated annually by NREL under funding from the U. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Program, in partnership with Illinois State University’s Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies. Rates for Belize were added in 2015 as a beta version of international rates and are available via the International Rates link.

The URDB allows anyone to access these rates via bulk download, web interface, or computer-readable Application Programming Interface (API) for use in their tools and models.

We cannot access that data once the thread is running and must get the data to to the Do Work process.