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How the attackers broke in was not immediately clear.“We haven’t seen any interaction between them,” said John Hultquist, director of cyberespionage analysis at the threat intelligence company i Sight.He stopped short of directly tying either group to the Kremlin.“There is a possibility is that somebody is orchestrating both organizations but at our level we just don’t have that definitively," he said.For instance, the firm Trend Micro identifies Fancy Bear as “Operation Pawn Storm,” due to the group’s tendency to use multiple tactics to attack an adversary (like pawns in a chess game).

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Cybersecurity experts say both Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear (which other cybersecurity firms call by other names) have been sifting through US computer networks for years.

Researchers first detected Cozy Bear in the mid-2000s and Fancy Bear in 2010.

While Fancy Bear, which is also referred to as Advanced Persistent Threat 28, has been described by some experts as a Russian version of the hacktivist group Anonymous that focuses on information warfare.