Dating a celebrity show

In the final, beauty pageant-style round, host Deeley poses a question to each of the team’s final two.

The celebrities must choose between each of their two remaining eligible ladies, with the winner whisked away on a dream date.

Yes, the TOWIE hunk is back on the show for the second time around and you could be in with a chance of going on a date with him or one of the other celebs.

So if you’re single and 18 or over, pop over an email to Lime Pictures and shoot your shot.

I think that its very possible to date a celebrity or for celebrity fall in love with you.

There are celebrities do recommend on dating a fan or date whoever they fall in love with because fans are just normal ordinary people just like them.

I don't think that you have to have connections to date or marry a celebrity either, if its meant to be its meant to be.