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A part-time comedian, he used to joke about how he was only with her because of her secure job and good corporate benefits."He used to make so many of these jokes," she recalls."A salary nearing 0,000 may seem like a lot, but once the person makes a student loan payment, rent, car payment and insurance, there's not a lot left over for extravagance," she points out.2.

By the time an account goes to collections, the creditor has already made numerous efforts to settle the bill.

If they have a roommate, keep a close eye on their relationship, says Syble Solomon, a Wilmington, N.

There's a lot of information out there; If they love you, they want to help. With over a decade’s experience as a mortgage broker, Chantel recognized a need for financial education with many of her first-time homebuyers, so she began creating custom content to help guide them.

Chantel is the founder of Holler For Your Dollar, a consulting firm that jump-starts anyone who’s ready to dive into the world of Adulting or entrepreneurship.

If your credit rocks and theirs sucks, that might not bode well for your future together. According to Plenty Of Fish (only one of the biggest dating sites ever), having this talk is a good time to find out some other things that are related: “Is this a one time expense, or an on-going issue? Once you get honest and help each other wherever you can, hopefully it won’t seem like an insurmountable issue.” Talk about your own budget and credit score.