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And a reminder: Keep your computer in an open area, like an office or the kitchen, where it can be monitored by anyone coming in and out. Then the mother heard that the girl wanted to have sex with her son. "I told him I'd like to see him wait until he was at least 18," she says. And girls need to be taught how to be respectful of a boy's feelings.

One woman with three sons was astonished last summer when a girl took a liking to her 15-year-old and got aggressive. Teen pregnancy numbers are down, and so is the number of kids who are having intercourse.

Kids also use their cell phones to spread the news about parties.

Beck demands that her daughter turn off her cell at on weeknights and at midnight on weekends (before this, calls were coming in as late as a.m.! If you're concerned about calls your kid is making, another strategy is to use shared minutes on family plans; that way, you can scrutinize the phone bills.

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Researchers at the RAND Corporation have found that teens are more likely to have sex when there is less after-school supervision.