Dating bars in london

The North If you're looking for the edgy, arty types you need to head up North to Shoreditch or Brick Lane where you can mix with the dirty pretty things and wax lyrical about the newest Banksy on your street.

Of course, if worse comes to worst, for the guys there are peep shows that only cost a worrying 2, and for the girls there are shops that stay open almost all night. Benefits: So many choices of bars and clubs that stay open all night, diverse and interesting crowd.

Drawbacks: Too much to do and see, hen and stag party central, crowded.

Grab a seat outside or by a window and watch the parade of lovely northernites trapse by.

Just make sure you end up in 93 Feet East, which always packs a crowd that never disappoints.

The Chains and London's Best Pick Up Place If you operate best in a familiar setting then the many chain clubs and pubs that are spread throughout London may be your best bet.