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These marks are customarily the cipher of the gunsmiths’ guild and the mark of the State or city.Armourers’ marks are quite distinct from proof-marks, and comprise the private marks, ciphers, stamps, or signatures of the individual armourers or gunsmiths.

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They are often found in combination with proof-marks, and still more frequently on unproved arms made in countries where no official proof was existent.

Most specimen marks are of this nature, and it is no unusual thing to find the marks of two different smiths upon the same weapon, one man signing the lock work, the other being the barrel maker.

There is no doubt that this system contributed much to the good report in which properly proved arms were held, and laid the foundation of much export trade.

Proof marks are the official stamps or ciphers showing that a barrel has been properly tested with the prescribed excess charges of powder and ball that allow a large factor of safety to the user.

Standard steel shot shells (meeting CIP standards, not SAAMI standards. A post-'95 gun will be marked as follows:28-03-069-00 This is the maker's code, type of gun, S/N and year of production28 = Antonio Gil 03 = Shotgun069 = The 69th gun made by A.