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Oh.” I don’t really like being judged by what I believe in.If you want to judge me at all, judge me by who I am as a person.It is harder to play with a hijab on, but it’s not that hard.

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Hometown: Burlington, Ont.; parents have Egyptian, Turkish and Bosnian heritage. Next up: Finishing her first year of university in June.

When I tell people I’m Muslim, they’re really surprised. I think people don’t know where a lot of Muslims come from — there are a lot of Muslims in Europe, not just the Middle East. My mom told me that we’re ambassadors for Islam, and that I have to show people what being a Muslim is really like.

In the weeks leading up to the 2015 federal election, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives seized on the niqab as a wedge issue.

They fought the wearing of the traditional Islamic face veil in citizenship ceremonies; they proposed banning it outright for public servants.

I was also expected to denounce the attacks and show why ISIS is un-Islamic. It said,“I refuse to condemn things that are so obviously wrong, because it presumes that my basic moral code is in question just because I’m Muslim.” Paris was almost like déjà vu of the [federal] election.