dating and courtship practices - Dating someone in your group of friends

My love of drunk makeouts and poor choices may have lessened over the years, but it’s also significantly less satisfying after the age of 25 to try to sell someone on the idea that dry humping is back in a big way.

For one, the milestones I’ve since held out for marriage have become a moving target the older I get.

She decided she didn't want to deal with the back-and-forth anymore, so she ghosted the whole group and made new friends.

It seems harsh and sounds way easier than it was when pared down like that, but she's in a way better place today than she would have been if she kept up with her ex two years later. So, here's the reality for those of us still trying to figure out how to deal when you have the same friends as your ex: It's like a custody battle among friends.

It's easier to be with your ex at a huge party where he or she is easily avoidable.

Movie night with your close friends is a different story.

And when it does, your best bet is to keep things civil.