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This section contains all information regarding timetabling.

Programme Timetables Unit Timetables My Timetable Temporary Teaching Exemptions 2016/17 Timetabling Policy (PDF) Academic Year Charts More...

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Quiet study rooms are now available for the next three weeks (weeks 15-17), during Revision and ASsessment weeks. There is now a new tutorial for using My Timetable available on You Tube, kindly created for us by Campus TV. The Room Timetables for 16/17 are now up on our web site. Access now available to the Semester 1 2016/17 Programme and Unit timetables You are now able to view Programme and Unit timetables via the links on the left hand list. The new Temporary Teaching Exemption Form is now available here for both full- and part-time staff.

Submissions to Heads of Department before 8th April 2016!

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