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The schemer usually interacts with all the investors directly, often persuading most of the existing participants to reinvest their money, thereby minimizing the need to bring in new participants as a pyramid scheme will do. This is the graphic representation of a pyramid scheme… Protect yourself by asking the tough questions: If I’m not selling a genuine product or service, is participation in this activity legitmate and legal? You are then offered a share of the money if you agree to give them your bank account details to help with the transfer.

Be cautious, but do not be discouraged from carefully researching business opportunities based on commissions. an illegal scheme in which you (and often your friends and family) become involved as the building blocks of something that is supposed to make you a fortune… The scammers make their money by taking money from people they recruit… and they don’t care when the pyramid falls down, because… If you do have to buy something in order to join a plan, if you have to buy very large quantities of products, or if you can't return them, you may be dealing with an illegal pyramid scheme. They will then ask you to pay all kinds of taxes and fees before you can receive your relative of yours has died and left you a huge inheritance.

The Canadian edition of aims to increase your awareness of the many types of fraud that target Canadians and offers some easy steps you can take to protect yourself and avoid falling victim to fraud.

Since it was first published in March 2012, the booklet has been very popular from the start, being offered in print and online.

You receive payment by cheque or money order, but the amount you receive is more than the agreed price. Business people should watch out for Overpayment scams, which work on the same basic principle.