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Her family's main - although many would argue, far fetched - hope is that one day, science will have progressed enough to restore life to her Usually, the brain would be removed from the body and then frozen.

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Multiple entries on the same night are also permitted here. Mehfil Indian Mujra Bar & Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya This is the Mumbai-style dance entertainment on Pattaya's Walking Street.

Its not a disco because all the dancing here is done by some girls on the stage while the guests watch them while enjoying their drinks and food sitting at their tables.

After the shut-down in Mumbai, some of the suddenly unemployed bar dancers came to Pattaya in search of a living.

But the trade did not succeed much in Pattaya and most of them moved on to Dubai or other places.

Fever offers multiple entries to the club on the same night once an entry ticket is purchased.