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ENFJs are too conventional for an introverted sensing perceiver.

-- Vanice the ENFP hold the phone-i am an 55 yr old esfj and married to a intp, who has left the marriage twice.

Perhaps dual relations really are the ones that stand the test of time, with what really is 'true love' although they are not the easiest to start with -- An istp I think INTP females would be good candidates for ENFJ, because INTP females are interesting and warmly encouraging, and forgiving enough to add and produce change in bad behavior.

The INTP can give to the ENFJ a sense of artistic and/or open-minded inquiry, however, ENFJs are essentially conformist types, and he will sometimes expect more or at least want more of the ESFJ conformist presentation in society that more convential women can give him.

-- Helen I am an ISFP in a long distance relationship with an ENFJ and we hope to get married as she said she will marry me.