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They work hard to provide for a family, and need a partner who likes having some time on their own with their own interests.

Being a perfectionist, a One lives with a strong inner critic.

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One of the greatest gifts of the Enneagram is that in knowing your type, you can then begin to lead a more conscious life as an individual, and in relationship with others. They value the simple gestures and the common courtesies like being on time, remembering names and being introduced.

They value respect, and once they commit to a relationship, can be very loyal and appreciative of having a family.

If the romance disappears, the Giver can wonder: “Why am I in this relationship? ” Needing positive reinforcement, a Two can fight for attention.

A Two feels supported when they get a response from their partner.

If they can express anger about safe topics such as political or work matters, then, it can lead to more personal discussions. Deeper intimacy can develop when strong emotions are aired between these two Ones, allowing this couple to see that expressing anger can lead to a deeper trust.

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