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error updating the password file android samba-51

I have exams right now to study for though so it may take a while to get to.

EDIT: I lied, I did a dive into the diff file found here " … They changed how the "smb_my_netbios_names" array is allocated in "samba-4.1.14/source3/lib/util_names.c" and must have broke "is_myname(cstring)".

*/ smb_my_netbios_names[i] = SMB_STRNDUP(name, MAX_NETBIOSNAME_LEN-1); if (!

smb_my_netbios_names[i]) return False; return strupper_m(smb_my_netbios_names[i]); Probably not helpful for this particular problem, but this is noted in the samba 4 AD wiki article regarding the netbios domain name (this has been true for a long time).

I realized this when reading the comment added to the upstream code here:--- samba-4.1.13/source3/lib/util_names.c 2013-06-13 .000000000 0200 samba-4.1.14/source3/lib/util_names.c 2014-12-01 .000000000 0100 @@ -60,7 60,15 @@ { SAFE_FREE(smb_my_netbios_names[i]); - smb_my_netbios_names[i] = SMB_STRDUP(name); /* * Don't include space for terminating '\0' in strndup, * it is automatically added.