Fantasy chat bot Chat face to face with boys about sex

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is infiltrating our lives at every turn – in areas from medical diagnosis and fraud detection to helping us predict results of fantasy sports.

Many are so sophisticated, they make it difficult for a user to tell whether they’re communicating with a human or a computer.

As the technology behind – and intelligence of – chat bots develops, here’s a look at how they work, who they benefit and what the future of chat bots looks like.

‘More modern methods of chat bot design are leveraging the advances in machine learning, natural language processing, cognitive systems and question answering systems.’ Perhaps most significantly, chat bots are revolutionising the business world, saving companies time and money, and improving processes.

‘For business, the most attractive thing about chat bots is that they have the potential to be an all-in-one messaging solution,’ explains Dr Li.

Lightning is main protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and the second main female protagonist in the history of the franchise.