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Yes, I got a message to lure me in and sign up and then someone is contacting me from another state? Right after I signed on, I got a message instantly - and it did get me to buy, to get the message. Ended up emailing several ladies and I got a few replies, so I decided to pay for a 3 month plan in order to contact them.I called him out on it and have not heard back from him/her. I had three responses from this person, (which did not seem like I was talking to a live person), stating how interested he was and then he disappeared off the site. Well, most of the profiles have short listing, such as email me for more.For something more personalized, click 'Email' to send a message.

If you are looking for love, a fitness-based date is more original than a movie and more fun than a cup of coffee – not to mention the built-in entertainment and natural conversation opportunities that come along with it. You'll find the basic information requested on any online dating service, like age preferences, physical attributes, and lifestyle habits.

Alongside those basic details, you'll be asked to talk about your physical activities.

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If you're passionate about fitness and sports, this is where you'll find someone as dedicated (and toned) as you.

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