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Leadership Efforts by Women, Educators, and Civil Society Organizations for Peace and Conflict Resolution in South Eastern Europe, Second Co-PI with Lara Lengel on SEE Research Incentive Grant [with Ph. student CO-Is Anca Birzescu, Linda Ziberi, Christian Vukasovich; undergraduate research assistant Benjamin Baldwin], $10,000.

“Restoring Frank Church’s Natural Place in American Public Address: Orations that Saved ‘The River of No Return Wilderness’” in [anthology on rhetoric of this genre of programs], Judith Lancioni, Editor. Faculty Mentoring and Enrichment Grant, BGSU, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research, 2009-2010 Academic year, for course release to support development of book project on the nonviolent rhetoric of the women Nobel Peace laureates, $5,000.

And we millions would flow into the vacuum of content.

We’d manifest our nature on channels 401 to 499 as surely as do puppies, ocean, and sky.

Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, Notre Dame University, Indiana – Sponsored for one full week intensive summer faculty training in development and management of peace and conflict studies curricula programming, $1,000 (in kind).