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In order to access the plain-text secret-chat database containing the messages, we used our implementation of CVE-2014-3153.The claims that the device is rooted / jailbroken are incorrect and misleading.

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In addition to sending and replying to sms in Anonymous Chats, you can also:a) Create free anonymous group chats with your classmates, colleagues or friendsb) Chatting with the developer of "Stealthy: Anonymous Secret Chat", Latvian Forbes list member No personal data is stored anywhere except your mobile device. We don't pass any kind of data to any third parties. For more details please visit your desktop browser.

EDIT: The following post * was not on a rooted or jailbroken device *.

This type of hack would be even easier for nation-state actors with even more resources, time and money at their disposal: 1.

Client-side vulnerability: Chrome exploit – Pwn2Own Autumn 2013 2.

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