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I think Ono said it best with, “Why would anyone want to kill an artist?

Majority of the interview footage and filmed moments were shot in an expansive, bucolic, English estate living with Japanese performance artist Yoko Ono.

Years in New York were condensed in order to pay heed in balance to his musical development until his untimely demise by disturbed Mark David Chapman.

Excitement and renewed love of music pervaded Lennon’s state. For filmgoers expecting a cohesive narrative that connects different character’s stories that has been popular nowadays resembling a tapestry, this cinematic production will prove challenging.

Prudish sensibilities need not bother as Godard comfortably shows male and female genitalia without it being a frame focus.

Film theorists devise methodologies of writing and speaking about films to unify the discourse. This breaks the 5th wall if Godard’s films ever truly possess that separate space ideal. Last scene tracks Paul’s daughter Cecile moving through a tunnel with classical music playing.