Girl cam south africa

the baby who was two weeks old when my mum died of septicaemia.

So eight months I spent in Maidenhead and then I came in Reading in January 1967 and I was in Pendragon House. I had a calendar every month I used to tick the day one day down, one day down and I just missed ...

But the first two months I was at Prospect Park just working on Evelyn Ward and by this time another African girl joined from Ghana so we teamed up together, and because we'd been there the longest when PTS started we were really lucky. I dreamt, I still do now, dream about home so much. I was, as soon as my midwifery had gone I was going back home and of course people often used to say to me 'But you're a political refugee.' I said 'No, I'm not an asylum seeker.

I've come to do my training and I'm going home.' And I didn't run away from Apartheid. I was in my second year actually, the end of my second year, above the maternity unit.

The only thing that made me come away was that it was so difficult for me to get into training as a nurse 'cos I didn't have matriculation and I couldn't train at Addington although I was already there and the nurses used to say 'You know, Rose, the way how much you know', because I used to learn alongside the old, the white nurses that were training and they were really lovely. If you want to distance yourself from blacks because you're coloured because you're mixed! and in fact Miss Cork who was in charge of all the coloured workers, she was Irish. She was lovely and the very first day I went there she asked me who was your next of kin and I said I haven't got parents but my next of kin is Nicolina Zungu. 'cos I still felt, after my nursing I want to go to the university to do medicine. Maternity unit moved from Battle Hospital to where it is now and we were the first, myself and my other colleagues, first intake to do obstetric nursing. I was just in my third year, in fact, just at the beginning and we went there to start my three month obstetric because I thought I don't want to do nursing, but I will do obstetrics. There were four bedded cubicle, four and six bedded cubicles and I ...

When they told me it was summertime and I looked at the sky and I thought it was so cloudy and so cold and I was still wearing a coat.