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The city has been both a European City of Culture and a European City of Sport. For much of the twentieth century Glasgow’s population had been falling, but in recent years it has begun to grow again, with the largest increases being in the 20-44 age group and in single-person households.

Recently, Scotland has bucked the trend in the rest of the UK, as the marriage rate has increased and the divorce rate has declined.

There’s always something romantic about being on a boat with that special someone so this will be a thoughtful, memorable date.

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Image Source Although not perched atop a cliff, Glasgow’s The Lighthouse still offers stunning views over the city and an energetic climb.

Spanning an impressive six floors and boasting no end of fascinating design and architecture including exhibitions and even a restaurant, you’ll feel dizzy in love surrounded by the sparkling lights and breath taking views.

It has seen two renaissances, an enlightenment and an industrial revolution.