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When you make others feel good you get the false sense that you have secured their approval. Defensive: Defensiveness is seen by others as weakness. If you cannot function without feeling wrecked, upset, or anxious there will be no path to your success.

You must develop the resilience to accept feedback or criticism without completely fracturing or becoming pathetic.

No one can really know you, your ideas or your value if you are a parrot of other people. In this crazy hoop-jumping attitude that causes you to end up doing things you don't want to do because you are too afraid of being judged for not doing it.

Fear is what causes this type of lying and it is driven by the need to fit in. Over-functioning: Over-functioning comes from desperation. When others sense you are desperate to prove yourself they lose respect for you. There is no need to do or participate in anything that you do not want to or believe in.

Timid: Being timid will trump motivation as your fear will get in the way of you pursuing your passions and happiness.