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We all have/should have responsibilities to ourselves and each other.

Laws are/should be imposed as a guideline of those a sign of disrespect for those who think total freedom (chaos) rules supreme.anyone that imposes a serious law in respect of those unable to fend for themselves (children born of incest with birth defects) as some form of tyranny.

IMO I swear, when I first started reading this thread and the article in the Original Post, I was feeling the "ick" factor, and wrong! I continued on to Google for some more info, since some of the "live and let live" attitudes here troubled me but made me wonder.

I came across this Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family site from which I've copied one article. I will try to go back and copy the link info to edit-in here so you all can visit and check out the multiple pages of brief scholarly articles related to incest and incest-taboo.

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