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The all-cash deal valued Digi at around 0 million.Digi shares jumped 15% to 13.40, soaring above its buy point of 12.59.

Nearly everything in a cleanroom is subject to disturbance by air currents, from papers on desks to the parts under assembly.

Cautions Herrera, “Some of these components are not significantly bigger than glitter.” The success of the method lies in Whitfield’s calculations to establish the minimum flow of air required.

But as objects became smaller and tolerances for particle contamination dropped, the challenges became larger.

“A particle that’s only one-tenth of a micron—a tenth of the width of your hair—could short out a 1960s transistor,” says Gil Herrera, Sandia’s director of microsystems science, technology, and components.

Our goal is to be the European Centre of Excellence within AB In Bev, that attracts and develops great people.