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Neil stopped and posed for photos with energetic Motley Crue fans on his way from Cartier to Aria.

He’s coming up on his incarceration in Clark County Detention Center for DUI charges (15 days, set to start Feb.

One donned a rhinestone-encrusted jumpsuit, the type Elvis wore at the International and Las Vegas Hilton.

“I’m just happy that we had Elvis to actually be the center of that culture,” Presley said, “and we have people look to him as their idol and icon.” More from the show: • “So You Think You Can Dance” creator and “American Idol” producer Nigel Lythgoe introduced Presley and got off what may have been the night’s best line: “After the Golden Globes, I was surprised anyone would allow an Englishman onstage.” It was a none-too-oblique reference to Ricky Gervais’ biting appearance at the Globes a few weeks ago, and Lythgoe ensured that his introduction was not written by Gervais.

He followed by spilling a glass of red wine, also on Presley, saying he was as nervous then as he was giving his speech Saturday night.