Java sexchat

This auto-disable-ing of java is annoying I know, but it is a good thing.

There are still more updates coming for java, and until the serious security issues are all worked out, it may be a good thing to only have java enabled on a page by page (or web site by web site) basis.

Browser plugin security will require that you have the very latest updated versions of these plugins in order to use the two way communication features of the chat system, even if you have used our chat rooms in the past without issue, you may have trouble connecting if you do not have the very latest update to these common plugins for your web browser.

If you see a message about the plugin being disabled, do a startpage search for “enable flash plugin firefox”, or whichever browser you are using.

If you have a brand new computer, you may need to download and install java from sun in order to enjoy many great internet features such as games and chat. For more information about using java with firefox, visit this page.