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“For our first anniversary, I drew 365 hearts on a piece of paper, one for each day we’d been together.

JD Samson is best known for being one third of Feminist Dance Punk Performance Project, "Le Tigre", and lead singer of JD SAMSON & MEN.

Their music speaks of issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, and the demand for liberties through lyrical content and an inventive, high-energy stage show.

Forget the emotional, empowering ballads — Sia Furler wants to dance, dammit. This is fun.’ It was time for me to make a really shallow pop album.” The dance-y sound is an all-new direction for the Aussie songstress, who became synonymous with down-tempo music as the coo behind electro-soul pioneers Zero 7, and later with her budding solo career, which peaked with 2008’s moody Some People Have Real Problems. You put my song on your i Tunes playlist and I wanted to say thanks. But if she tried on the jeans I’ve come pretty close to her bum! We recorded it all in Los Angeles in the only studio that we could find that would let my dogs hang out.

The first single is called “Clap Your Hands,” which is obviously going to be a really deep song, as I’m sure the title infers [laughs].