Lesbian dating for transgender vh1 dating show why am i still single

Confessing my gender incongruity to my girlfriends resulted in break ups.

I had hoped my last relationship would survive gender transition, but my girlfriend was heterosexual.

Of course, you can stay if you want - it doesn't change your orientation, but he might not take too kindly to you referring to the relationship as a lesbian relationship or relating to him as female.

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She is so good to me and i love her so much but as who she is as i met her. She said she wont get bottom surgery for me but i Scared and confused.. I really hate to burst your bubble but after enough time on T, he will look like a man.

I asked her if she would be OK with being with a man, if we lasted, and gave her the time to really think it over before we took our relationship any further. I really hate to burst your bubble but after enough time on T, he will look like a man.

Transgender people face rejection, verbal abuse, increased suicide rate (41% have attempted suicide), job loss, homelessness, physical violence and even murder. However, in real life, I learned to function as a male during my youth. Decades later, after trying to suppress my feminine side with psychotherapy, seminars, and self-hypnosis I became increasingly depressed.

Growing up in conservative Utah during the 1960-70’s, there really wasn’t any other choice. I took estrogen periodically, rather than continuously, so that I could maintain sexual relations with my girlfriends, yet indulge my increasingly strong drive to feminize my body.

It was just as unrealistic for her to changer her sexual preference from heterosexual to bisexual, as it was for me to deny my internal female gender identity.