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This was effective back in 2011 but over the last half decade we’ve discovered two things: This is based on hundreds of emails we’ve received from AE readers and our own experience working with coaching clients. , Hotmail, and so on) or email clients (Apple Mail, Postbox, Mailplane, Microsoft Outlook, etc). You can use the same workflow for your email provider or application.

Managing your email has become an important part of modern knowledge work.

As common as it is for everyone to have email, most people still do not know how to properly manage their inboxes.

It’s a sign that you have an email system in place that you trust and are competent to use. This article will be your starting point on getting there.

We’re finalizing a course on email management that’s coming out later this year that goes in more depth and reveals a more advanced email system, but this post will show you the simplified version that anyone can use right now to get their email inbox under control.

The old workflow is still a good workflow but it has a couple disadvantages: 1) it doesn’t work when you get a lot of emails 2) you have to remind yourself to check those folders when you’ve moved emails.