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I remember the first time ​In the second video (I think it’s after 16 minutes) of The Conversation Commando bonus video course, you are going to learn an amazing technique to rephrase your life in a way that makes you irresistibly attractive to women.No matter if you are a famous movie producer, or just the guy who makes coffee for the famous movie producer, with the right words you can make women that they can’t stop fantasizing about you.It took me a long time to read all the books and to watch all the bonus videos. I read every single word and watched every minute of the three videos.

Thanks to the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee I had nothing to lose.

And one of my readers wanted to know my opinion on it.

Just imagine how different your friends would look at you if you had this power?

That’s what I imagined and the product video makes bold promises.

The Female Mind Control System from Dean Cortez offers a lot of practical advice and techniques that can be used word for word in your interactions with women.