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With Track Changes turned on, each person's edits are noted and can be easily reviewed by the person ultimately responsible for the document.

That person—the one with whom the document originally started and will eventually end—uses the Accept or Reject Changes feature to review each change and judge whether it should be accepted or not.

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Next, you need to enter a password that’s required to get access to the range.

Like all other passwords in Excel, this one can be up to 255 characters long, mixing letters, numbers, and spaces.

When you use this feature, you give certain users permission to edit particular cell ranges, provided that they can correctly provide the password you assign to that range.

To give access to particular ranges in a protected worksheet, you follow these steps: Note that the Allow Users to Edit Ranges command button is grayed out and unavailable if the worksheet is currently protected.

The first such tool is referred to as Track Changes.