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- Decorator Mario Buatta celebrated his 74th birthday last week with extra gusto.

Recently, the Prince of Chintz, not feeling well, came home, turned on Letterman, and listened to Dave and Kelsey Grammer talking about their heart attacks.

"It was a military tribunal that prosecuted her..Guantanamo." Spoken like Mrs. - Hilary Swank logged 19 hours of flight time to play Amelia Earhart and is now going for her pilot's divorce. "She'd want to stay up there so long I'd have to tell her, 'You have to come back down and be Amelia for me.'" P.

S.: We hear the rare Electra L-10 aircraft used in the movie was hijacked several times in Africa, and Fox Searchlight had to pay ransom.

Knicks point guard Chris Duhon is helping the team's top draft pick, Jordan Hill, keep his body pure.