Numaps updating maps on c320 teen dating adivice

Could the two of them work together, and how to install them (how to name them etc). I have a c510 and a 2GB SANDISK Ultra 2 card in it and I have, hitherto, had all my maps loaded on the card.

Numaps updating maps on c320

Apparently, due to the fact that the software checks the amount of space available on the device at the start, and the c510 comes up short, we will never get Garmin Map Install to load *anything* onto the (too small) internal memory.

I have negotiated this issue in the past by installing the smallest map first and then editing the maps in order to load bigger maps onto the 2GB SD card, but I am told by support that there is now no mapset small enough to fit on the c510's internal memory so even this workaround is not available.

They didn't offer me a lifetime update on SD cards, though.

Rupert, thank you for the information re lifetime updates being unable to be installed on some GPS units. I use TOOLS - SETTINGS - MAP - INFO to load only the maps I want at that time. If you read a couple of posts above you will find that Garmin refunded money for lifetime updates that did not apply to certain models.

This is where Garmin Express, also commonly referred to as Garmin nu Maps Lifetime Updater, comes in: giving you lifetime map updates for your Garmin device.