This roll is incredibly popular right now and it’s definitely something that all blunt loving stoners should try out.Much thanks to @boppin954 for providing the tutorial.Festival Security are going to have a hard enough time as it is. Given the name “Sausage Fest”, I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea about it. We should immediately open an Olympics-style bidding process for the city or county best equipped to host it. Hamburg, Worcestershire and Brussels already have things going on with Burgerstock, Camp Saucy, and Sprout Fest.


You were wearing a red shirt, looking for lady who posted in Blossburg that looked like a uniform from a local automotive type place.

You were at the VA medical center in Long Beachgrad student for professional woman today, this is my second online sexy chat ad waiting on your car at the valet parking area.

“Name That Meat” could be a fun carnival game in which you pay a pound to studiously nibble a diskette of sausage and shout “pork!

” only for a carny dressed as a butcher to pull surprising words like “stoat” and “chickpeas” from golden envelopes. More → is a collection of my lighter essays, lovingly torn from their original context and respectfully bashed into book form.

Be sure that you account for the extra weight if you feel like rolling a monster blunt.