Pisces female dating pisces male

I wasn't expecting to fall [but it seems my emotions were ready to be given to another man after my marriage broke up 3yrs previously] - but his engaging personality, fun manner and humor, delightful [to me] passion for pop music [I'm passionate about most types of music, from early Monastic chanting to the present day, with many genres of music too] and top quality hi-fi.

That sensation of feeling like a teenager also brought teenage angst.

I wanted to voice how much I missed him, but didn't dare. He is everything I ever wanted in a man, I was puzzled about the lack of emotion shown, but after reading on his zodiac sign I have come to realize that lack of emotion shown is not necessarily lack of emotion felt.

We talked about how much more we could see each other had we been living much closer, but I still don't really know if we could have worked out long term. although I've subsequently realized there'd been a fair amount of infatuation on my part - my Virgo man is such a Character personality, generous, very intelligent and in precarious dead end factory job, funny. I love my Virgo man with all my heart, and that means making it work, and giving him his space.

He fitted me in between his shifts and childcare - not satisfactory from the outset.