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We'd call Invisible Child a shameless rip-off of Lars and the Real Girl, but this cheesy made-for-TV dud was actually released nearly a decade earlier (so maybe that makes Lars a shameless, but thoughtful and well ...

Poppy Montgomery and Adam Kaufman Montgomery met actor Adam Kaufman in October 2004 while working on the independent film Between.

Lying to Be Perfect Sisterhood, self-confidence and, sadly, skinniness prove the key to female fulfilment in this far-fetched, book-based fantasy, in which overweight editor Poppy Montgomery and her two best friends strive to "become the women we know we are inside". Lying to Be Perfect An overweight magazine editor leads a double life as a sassy advice columnist at night.

To keep her alter ego a secret she agrees to lose weight with two of her friends and embarks on a life changing journey.

They dated for several years and worked together again in the movie Lying to be Perfect.