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(can give real-life example here) You loose part of yourself that you can't have back.

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(rub the duct tape in even more, as you continue to talk).

Things are going real well, are hearts are real close - like this duct tape here - and then..starts to get on my nerves, so, we break up.

But here's a twist -- Alexis went on the 'Breakfast Club' Wednesday morning and hinted Fetty has a bunch of sex tapes ...

When embroiled in an 'epic argument' with her 'frenemy' Scheana Marie Jancan during the reunion of season three's Vanderpump Rules, which airs on Monday, the 26-year-old former SUR employee said something she should not have.

Either Fetty Wap or his current chick is responsible for leaking his sex tape with ex-gf Alexis Sky, according to Alexis, anyway ... TMZ obtained a copy of the cease and desist letter Sky's attorney fired off to Team Fetty -- after he sent one to her -- and it squarely accuses the rapper of putting the video out on the Internet.