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Cleaners, bar maids, road sweepers, those who work in burger bars or knock on doors trying to sell things at minimum commission would all love to work for us and sit on their typewriter or computer sendingemails instead of cleaning, working in a bar or road sweeping.

You will not get this luxury if you write to a magazine or newspaper column where they often just write a few words very quickly because they are inundated, and usually they miss most of what you wrote because they are so busy, and usually they just send you a link to a website, something you could have found for yourself in ten with people, caring, sympathetic, intelligent, mature, reliable, who can stick to our deal of giving us at least five hours a week of their time in return for the £200 a week or more we offer them.

We do not ask for experience or qualificaitions So one of the first things you have to understand is that our duty is to our paying clients. They can go to forums and their friends if they want advice from people who give crap advice or have ulterior motives for advising them.

Once we upload a page, the page remains online and the URL will not be changed.

The thing about giving advice is that everyone thinks they can do it, and when they think they will get their name plastered over a newspaper, magazine or website they are even more keen.

If a person says their doctor does not understand them the so called advisor says they should change their doctor.