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Following a successful introduction into the art world via Holland's tremendous support, QUIK eschewed the USA for the most part finding Europe's admirable attempts for racial and social equality more to his liking.The racial tensions and social inequalities present within the United States is a recurrent and raging theme in QUIK's work.

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After studying 3 years at PRATT Institute and PARSONS School of Design, QUIK was recognized by Yaki Kornblit, a renowned Amsterdam art dealer in 1982 via the efforts of FUTURA 2000 and the momentum created by the SOUL ARTISTS painting association.

Despite dabbling and attempting a career with the computer giant IBM, QUIK had found his calling in the creative arts rather than the financial accounting required to proliferate nuclear weapons and strengthen the American Defense Department.

This site has sentimental value for me, but so few use it now.