Scorpio dating aquarius woman

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Although the elements are traditionally incompatible, the qualities of the signs are the same, and the "rule of gender" of the Zodiac signs works to balance this equation somewhat.

The planets are situated to give opportunities for the kind of effort that can add another point to this relationship. Water - The Air and Water signs are usually said to work against one another, but because the gender of the signs is reversed by the genders of the couple, there is more balance than usual in this paring. Mars & Pluto - Saturn and Mars understand each other, but work in different ways.

In fact, the Aquarius female doesn’t much care about gifts at all for she lacks any kind of sentimentality.

All she needs is a stimulating conversation in a lively environment and she’s perfectly content.

So if you want to get serious with the Aquarius female you should be up front with your intentions, for she is not always thinking in terms of the future with a partner.