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Using that method you can reflash any phone, supported by Se Tool2 lite. Directory: tpa/preset/custom/ CONTENT_DOWNLOAD_(10240) (1093) FM_PICTURES_HOOK_3(10240) FM_SOUNDS_HOOK_3(10240) FM_THEMES_HOOK_3(10240) FM_VIDEOS_HOOK_3(10240) GAMES_HOOK_3(10240) MEDIA_PLAYER_HOOK_3(10240) ORG_APPLICATIONS_HOOK_3(10240) preloaded_(99012) SETT_RINGTONE_HOOK_1(10240) SETT_SCREENSAVER_HOOK_1(10240) SETT_STARTSHOW_HOOK_1(10240) SETT_WALLPAPER_HOOK_1(10240) VIDEO_PLAYER_HOOK_1(10240) Phone detached Elapsed:419 secs.

Setool2 lite v1 11 main file updating failed

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Cid 53 is not supported, but you can downgrade it using our online service or use other programs for cid 53, like far manager.

Dialog window - here will be displayed log from operation. Patches you can find as vkp file or text: Copy that to notepad and save with extension. That package contains Quick Access patch collection for most popular DB2020 firmwares : Quick Access Pack If there is no Quick Access patch for your firmware, you can create it using that program: Before you will start that procedure, make sure that battery is fully charged, memory card and sim card removed from your phone. Press flash button and connect turned off phone holding "c" button: Since now you can patch your phone using QA method.

There are 2 methods: a) Use restoration file generator which you can find in setool2 lite folder.