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Ives's (Edy Williams) invitation: "You're a groovy boy.

" and "Did the surgeon's knife make me a woman or a freak?

" The overwrought and melodramatic film told about an effeminate, introverted young boy who enjoyed dolls and "sissy" things, George Jorgensen Jr. After growing up and serving as a GI, he worked as an ad agency's professional photographer, where he was nearly raped by his predatory gay boss Jess Warner (Rod Mc Cary).

Victor Dahlman (Oscar Beregi) in a Denmark clinic (his homeland) in the early 1950s.

Director/star Alejandro Jodorowsky's self-conscious, surrealistic, often incoherent and incomprehensible, unique and avant-garde El Topo (translated "the Mole"), a gory (and spiritual) "spaghetti" western and first 'midnight movie' cult film, told the story of the existential quest of a black-clad, violent gunfighting title character (the director himself).

" Cowboy Tex (Robert La Tourneaux) arrived at the door - a male hustler hired by Emory as a birthday "gift" for Harold.