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It was in nearby Tundergarth that the nose of the plane came down, narrowly missing the church and to land in a field.The image of the cockpit lying in a crater, like some giant mechanical beached whale, its name, "Maid of the Seas", still visible on its side, became the defining picture of the tragedy. Mrs Mc Queen says there are now few families left in town who are directly related to those who died on the ground.

We were pretty much back on our feet 18 months later.

But we know we will be forever associated with what happened here." In the town itself there is little overt evidence of the crash.

In Sherwood Crescent, where the fuel-laden wing and fuselage exploded in a searing fireball that vapourised three houses and all 11 of Lockerbie's victims, there lies a simple memorial garden.

Otherwise the street is remarkably similar to what it looked like prior to 1988.

The money is held in trust until he reaches adulthood.